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Integrated Touch Body Works

About Us

Integrated Touch has enhanced the life of many through the provision of beauty services. After several years of offering services in the beauty industry in the area of nail care, massages, waxing, facials, eye enhancements, hair removal, hair restoration and many more the story of a hard working care giver inspired this cause.

Many of these hard working care givers who take care of the elderly do this with so much passion and treat their patients like family.

The story of one care giver who has been offering her services for years but has never visited the beauty place to get her nails cleaned or her hair done, services like massages and facial treatments are a thing beyond their budget and will be a totally luxury to get such care.

Seeing the length to which care givers go to make sure that the aged have their needs meet sparked the idea to give these beautiful souls this little luxury they often cannot afford.

The needs of caregivers are endless, but what is often shoved under the carpet is their beauty needs which amazingly raises their confidence to face the challenges of life.

Integrated touch has taken it upon themselves to provide care givers they encounter.

If you happen to be a caregiver or knqk or a care giver who deserves a little pampering. Please contact us.

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